Some Articles on Cantonese

I must admit, I kind of miss blogging. I haven’t blogged for well over a year on this blog, and on any of my blogs for that matter. I haven’t kept up with Hong Kong news as much because it’s honestly kind of depressing, and over time I have realized more that I do not need to hope in the democratization of Hong Kong and/or the recognition of Cantonese as a language. Because I am a Christian, these things are not as important to me as living a life focused on my relationship with God and honoring Him.

But whenever I start reading about Cantonese (perhaps not so much when I read about Hong Kong politics because the state of it seems dismal almost all the time), I feel as if some inner desire in me is rekindled, and as if I can easily devour literature on Cantonese now as I did in the past. So here are some interesting articles on Cantonese I just found with a quick search on UPenn’s Language Log:

Spoken Hong Kong Cantonese and written Cantonese (8/2013)

A quick exit for Cantonese (7/2015)

During this academic term it seems like I’ll have more free time, which will possibly be spent reading more about Cantonese. Though I’m not studying a subject related to Cantonese in university (partly because I know that in American universities Cantonese is primarily at most offered as a language course), who knows, maybe I’ll have opportunities in the future to continue this study more, especially if I am able to study abroad in Hong Kong in the near future. Cantonese remains something that intrigues and delights me.


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